Internet Retailer interviewed Adam Lasky, Director of Marketing for TeePublic, to learn more about how Attentive has quickly become a top marketing channel for their brand

TeePublic is an internet retailer serving as an online marketplace for independent artists from around to world to showcase their art and apparel. After launching with Attentive in May 2017, TeePublic has seen fast growth in subscriber count and performance that exceeds the click-through and conversion rates of messages sent over email.

“Everyone has signed up for an email list at one point, or they are kind of dormant or passively subscribed,” Lasky said. “With text messages, we are front and center.”

Here are a few takeaways from the article:

  • TeePublic’s mobile shopping sales since launching with Attentive have grown 47% compared to the same time period one year prior
  • On average, about 1,500 new subscribers per week sign up to receive one or more text message from TeePublic
  • Messages sent with Attentive see 25%+ CTRs (vs. 9% for email), as well as 9%+ CVRs (vs. 4% for email).
  • TeePublic also sends automated texts about shipping and delivery updates, and has integrated Attentive with their existing customer support platform to be able to offer support via text.

Read the full article here on Internet Retailer.

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