This Mother’s Day, customers took advantage of the ease of mobile shopping for finding the perfect gifts for the mothers in their lives.

The National Retail Federation predicted that shoppers would spend $23.1 billion on Mother’s Day gifts, which is the second highest estimated forecast for this holiday within the past 15 years. Younger consumers shop online more than any other generation and use their mobile phones not only to find inspiration, but also to quickly make purchases while on-the-go.

Below are two of our favorite examples of Mother’s Day messages sent with Attentive this year:

Boll & Branch

What they did

Luxury home goods online retailer Boll & Branch provided subscribers with real-time reminders of upcoming shipping deadlines for Mother’s Day. They included a custom graphic that tied into the upcoming deadline mentioned in the actual text message.

Why we love it

Alerting customers that a holiday shipping deadline is approaching is a perfect use case for how text message marketing can drive last-minute holiday revenue. With 90% of text messages opened within 3 minutes, marketers can trust that their message will be received more quickly and directly than any other marketing channel.

Free Country

What they did

Outdoor apparel brand Free Country sent exclusive promo codes for Mother’s Day sales, giving mobile messaging subscribers first access to limited-time deals. The message included an eye-catching image that encouraged subscribers to shop using the link below.

Why we love it

Text messages are the most effective way for a brand to communicate directly with its audience. Sending information about limited-time deals to customers’ mobile devices helps keep messaging subscribers in-the-know about offers they wouldn’t want to miss.

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