Learn how Winky Lux used mobile messaging to launch their much-anticipated summer lip balm.

Luxury beauty brand Winky Lux has a dedicated following of shoppers who love the company’s imaginative lip products and commitment to being paraben, toxin, & cruelty free. As a recent article by Bustle explains, Winky Lux customers can always “expect the best of the best whenever the brand’s masterminds dream up a new product for the pout.”

The company recently launched a new signature summer item, its Watermelon Jelly Balm. Winky Lux partnered with Attentive to spread the word by sending a timely and visually appealing text message out on launch day to their list of opted-in subscribers.

Winky Lux

What they did:
Winky Lux sent a message, complete with relevant emojis, to announce the much-anticipated new lip balm. They included an eye-catching animated gif of the product, and ended the message with a link that directs to the product details page so shoppers could easily add the new item to their carts.

Why we love it:
The emoji use and animated gif are the perfect expression of Winky Lux’s bright and fun brand. For a new product launch, text messaging is an ideal way to directly reach a group of highly engaged group of shoppers to create excitement and drive immediate action.

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