Here's a recap of what we learned from other digital marketers at the CommerceNext 2018 conference:

The Attentive team recently participated in CommerceNext, a retail and e-commerce conference in NYC that brought together digital marketers to discuss the latest trends in customer acquisition.

CommerceNext consisted of two days packed full of insightful content, including a fireside chat on “Boosting Conversion in a Mobile-First World” between Kristen Hogan, Director of E-Commerce & CRM at protective sun-care skincare brand Supergoop, and Brian Long, CEO & Co-Founder of Attentive.

In this session, Kristen shared some of the impressive results Supergoop has seen since launching with Attentive, including:

10x subscriber growth rate for mobile messaging vs. that of email

80% average CTR on automated messages

30x+ ROI

commercenext-nextysawardsThe event wrapped up with the first annual Nexty’s Awards, which recognized the year’s most creative and effective marketing strategies among retail and e-commerce brands. We were excited to see our client, luxury bedding retailer Boll & Branch, win the “Highest ROI with Least Resources” category for their use of personalized mobile messaging to drive 50x+ ROI each month (learn more here in the press release).

Below are Attentive’s top 3 takeaways from CommerceNext:

1. Mobile is changing the face of retail— both online & offline

The rise of mobile usage has been one of the biggest driving forces shaping the retail industry in recent years. Most retailers are now seeing over 50% of their online traffic coming from mobile devices, causing brands to rethink how they can better connect with and address the needs of mobile-first shoppers.

According to Vijay Talwar, President of Digital at Footlocker, “60-80% of [Footlocker’s] traffic is coming from a mobile device.” Instead of waiting in lines at stores to grab the latest sneaker style, shoppers can now simply browse on their mobile device, reserve their order online, and pick up in-store when the new shoe is ready.

Mobile makes the shopping experience more convenient for customers, and presents a huge revenue opportunity for brands who prioritize mobile-first strategies.

2. Rewarding customers with exclusive access strengthens loyalty

Giving consumers exclusive access helps drive customer loyalty and ROI. Protective skincare brand Supergoop currently works with Attentive to reward VIP mobile shoppers, also known as “Supergroopies,” with first access to its new products.

“A tactic that has proven to be especially successful is sending out national promotions to our text message audience one day earlier than we send to email subscribers,” said Kristen Hogan, Director of E-Commerce & CRM at Supergoop.

The brand has seen fast growth of subscribers for their mobile messaging channel, and the average revenue per visit of shoppers coming from Attentive is nearly 2x that of email subscribers. Check out this article in Glossy to learn more.

3. Consumers value personalized shopping experiences

No two shoppers are exactly alike, so creating 1:1 interactions between brands and consumers is key. For marketers, personalization means understanding the unique preferences of each shopper and delivering content that would be the most relevant in that particular moment.

Shoppers value customized marketing experiences. The more personally engaging the interaction is, the more likely they’ll be to act. We noticed that personalization was not only a common theme throughout the conference sessions, but also among the winning submissions for the Nexty’s Awards.

Consumer behavior is always changing and disrupting how entire industries like retail operate. When creating acquisition marketing strategies, it’s important for marketers to think about how to connect with shoppers in effective and authentic ways. To stay ahead, brands should adopt a mobile-first marketing strategy, consider ways to reward high-value customers, and turn to solutions that help create personalized marketing experiences at scale.

We look forward to seeing you at another event soon!

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