See how tech accessories retailer CellularOutfitter uses mobile exclusive benefits to reach a loyal audience of shoppers.

The immediacy and mobile-first nature of text message marketing is a natural fit for a brand like CellularOutfitter, an online cell phone accessories retailer. Offering mobile exclusive offers is just one way the tech retailer grows their subscribers. Since launching with Attentive earlier this year, the company has experienced rapid growth of its mobile messaging subscriber list.

CellularOutfitter prides itself on the relationships it has built with its customers, offering them competitive prices and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because of this, the brand has built a community of dedicated shoppers who love being in the know about time-sensitive and exclusive offers. Text message marketing is the perfect way for CellularOutfitter to effectively reach this VIP audience.

vip mobile exclusive text message offer from CellularOutfitter


What They Did

CellularOutfitter sent a mobile exclusive “free gift with purchase” message to mobile messaging subscribers. They included a custom summer-themed graphic and a link that directed shoppers to their website.

Why We Love It

The sunny custom graphic is eye-catching, and clearly showcases the featured product. Offering mobile exclusive “VIP” benefits is a fantastic way to create a sense of exclusivity and drive engagement.

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