Skincare brand Supergoop relies on text message marketing from Attentive to engage mobile-first shoppers

Michael Engert, Head of Direct-to-Consumer Marketing for Supergoop, recently spoke with Glossy about how the brand works with Attentive to engage with shoppers in a familiar way using text messaging.

Supergoop, the first protective skincare brand 100% dedicated to SPF, drives opt-ins for their mobile messaging channel by using Attentive’s “two-tap” sign-up on their mobile and desktop websites.

The brand rewards VIP mobile shoppers with exclusive offers and first access to new products. One tactic that has proven to be especially successful for Supergoop is to send out promotions to their text message audience one day earlier than to the general public.

Mobile subscribers also receive individualized reminders about available offers or recently abandoned carts. Supergoop partners with Attentive to fully automate these messages, allowing for personalization at scale. They also use text messaging for their “Sun 101” series, educating subscribers about the many benefits of protecting yourself against the sun.

For Supergoop, the average revenue per visit of shoppers coming from Attentive is nearly 2x that of email subscribers. On average, the automated text messages have an 80% CTR and a very strong conversion rate.

“Mobile messaging has quickly become one of our top revenue channels, and on some days, it’s our highest performing one,” Engert said. “When we consider the revenue generated versus the resources invested, Attentive has been tremendous for us.”

Below are a few takeaways from the article:

10x subscriber growth rate vs. that of email

80% average click-through rate on automated messages

30x+ ROI
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