See two of our favorite examples of how retailers used mobile messaging to alert shoppers about Labor Day 2018 deals.

Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer months and start of the school year. For retailers, this holiday weekend is an opportunity to reach shoppers who are looking to stock up on new apparel, accessories, and more for the upcoming fall season.

However, many shoppers don’t plan to spend their last weekend of summer in front of their computer screens, or even in-stores. Because of this, marketers are relying on mobile messaging to reach on-the-go shoppers who almost always have their phones nearby.

Below are two of our favorite examples of mobile messages retailers sent over Labor Day weekend this year:

Barbell Apparel

What they did

Online retailer Barbell Apparel sent a mobile message to customers about a gift with purchase offer, available for a limited time over the holiday weekend. They included a multimedia animated gif graphic and a message encouraging shoppers to move fast and take action by clicking on a link to shop.

Why we love it

Alerting interested customers of a limited-time offer is a perfect example of how brands can use text messaging to create a sense of urgency and share timely information that would benefit shoppers. Custom animated graphics capture the attention of mobile subscribers and allow brands to showcase their products in a unique and engaging way.

Barbell Apparel labor day mobile message

Paula's Choice

Paula's Choice labor day text message

What they did

Skincare brand Paula’s Choice sent a promotional text message to customers about a 20% sitewide sale over Labor Day weekend. They included a photo with one of their most popular products, and ended the message with a call-to-action directing back to their site.

Why we love it

A straightforward message, coupled with a compelling image, is a great way to capture attention and drive immediate action. The tone is friendly (“Relax!”) and ties into the idea of enjoying a relaxed, long weekend.

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