Join us for a webinar featuring Forrester on March 27, 2019 to learn how to create 1:1 experiences with consumers through text messaging.

Between the decline in email performance over the last few years, rising social media advertising costs, and the acquisition and engagement challenges marketers face with mobile apps, it’s become increasingly challenging for brands to deliver the personalized, relevant experiences consumers expect.

Marketers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to engage with shoppers and drive action (…and of course, revenue). As consumer preferences continue to shift toward mobile commerce, personalized text messaging has emerged as a new consumer engagement channel for retail and e-commerce brands.

While text messaging on a personal scale has existed for years, B2C text messaging is a new channel for many brands. You might be asking yourself: “What kind of text messages will resonate the best with my customers? What could performance look like for my brand? Where do I even start??”

To help address these questions,  we’re hosting a webinar on Wednesday, March 27 with Attentive’s CEO & Co-Founder, Brian Long, and guest Julie Ask of Forrester Research to discuss the importance of using timely notifications during prime mobile moments. We’ll also discuss and share examples of how leading retail & e-commerce marketers are using text messaging to create personalized experiences that resonate with consumers.

Save your spot for the webinar to learn:

How to use notifications to reach consumers outside of their cluttered email inbox
How personalized mobile messaging fits into the mobile ecosystem and changing consumer behaviors
Real-life examples of leading retail & e-commerce brands who have turned to mobile messaging, and how your brand can learn from them to make mobile messaging a next top revenue channel
And more on driving mobile revenue this year and beyond

Ready to kick-start your mobile marketing by sending personalized text messages?

Discover how to make mobile messaging one of your top 3 revenue channels in just 3 months.

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