David Cost, VP of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at Rainbow, discusses how the brand uses text messaging from Attentive to reach mobile shoppers with relevant, timely updates and recover abandoned online shopping carts.

Rainbow Shops—a size-inclusive, everyday low price retailer of trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories—which sees 80% of digital revenue coming from mobile devices needed a more effective way to reach shoppers where they spend the majority of their time: on their mobile phones. Rainbow partnered with Attentive to quickly scale a new performance marketing channel that would allow them to reach shoppers with relevant and timely updates via text messaging.

“What’s more natural on a mobile device: texting or email? We think text messages are the most frictionless way to communicate with people on their phones,” said Cost.

Rainbow simultaneously drives text messaging and email marketing opt-ins with Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up solution on their mobile and desktop sites. Upon joining Rainbow’s text messaging program, subscribers receive a series of automated welcoming messages—which see click-through rates of 85%—introducing them to the brand.

“When we transitioned our welcome series to go from email-first to text-first, revenue went up 6x, coupon redemption doubled, and it continues to be a huge driver of traffic for us every time we send a message,” said Cost.

Rainbow’s performance with Attentive:

  • 240x+ ROI from abandoned cart reminder
  • 65x overall program ROI
  • 140% text messaging subscriber growth YoY
  • 25%+ CVR on abandoned cart reminders

Rainbow sends text messages to mobile subscribers to alert them of new products, fashion trends, deals, and more; to share seasonal-specific product items, like sandals for summer and jackets for fall; and to provide individualized reminders about recently abandoned carts, which have seen conversion rates of up to 25%.

The brand ensures the tone of voice used in all their text messages is geared toward their target audience, a younger demographic interested in the latest trends. The text message copy is short & sweet while using a playful tone.

For their mobile-first (and sometimes even mobile-only) audience, text messaging has proven to be an extremely effective direct marketing channel, with an overall program ROI of 65x+. Rainbow also sees a stunning 240x+ ROI on their abandoned cart reminder series, in which they send three automated messages: one 30 minutes after online cart abandonment, one 24 hours after, and one four days after.

Our customer visits and browses our website a lot. She uses the cart as a wish list. When we turned on automated cart abandonment reminder sent via text, we were blown away by the results. Within the first couple of weeks, we had an 83x ROI on those messages. We're looking forward to sending more types of triggered and automated messages through SMS with Attentive.

David CostVP of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at Rainbow
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