This Valentine’s day, we’re celebrating our favorite pair—email marketing and text messaging.

Thoughtfully implementing complementary email marketing with your text messaging program provides remarkable customer experiences your audience will be sure to love. Each channel has unique key benefits that, when utilized strategically, bring out the best in one another. ❤️

To help you launch and scale these two powerful channels in tandem, we’ve created a comprehensive guide full of strategies and actionable tips with our partner, digital marketing agency Tinuiti. Here are three proven ways that email marketing and text messaging work better together:

1. Growing a list of active, loyal subscribers

Consumers don’t limit themselves to just one channel or device. Maximize subscriber growth by inviting your audience to choose which channels they prefer to interact with your brand. Some subscribers may choose one channel, while others may opt to interact with you on both.

Show potential subscribers you understand them by inferring their channel preferences based on the devices they use most frequently to browse your site. For example, if a shopper is visiting your site on desktop, prompt them to sign up for your brand’s emails. If they’re browsing on mobile, encourage them to sign up for your text messaging program.

💡 Pro tip: Use Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up solution to collect email addresses and phone numbers simultaneously.

Interacting with consumers where and how they prefer is essential to increasing conversions. They’ll be more receptive to what you have to say—and ultimately more likely to take action.

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2. Increasing and sustaining subscriber engagement

By pairing your email marketing with your text messaging program, you’ll create more relevant touchpoints with subscribers across the entire customer lifecycle. Facilitating 1:1 communication across multiple channels helps you put the power in the hands of your audience by allowing them to choose which channel—and device—they want to interact with your brand on.  However, simply offering the option of email and/or text messaging isn’t enough. Understanding the differences between the ways consumers interact with text messages vs. emails is vital when building complementary communications channels.

Take advantage of each channel’s respective strengths to tailor your marketing messages to your audience. For example, a text message needs to be short and to the point and easy to read while on-the-go, whereas an email can provide more details and longer copy that a subscriber might read when they have more time.

Text Messaging Program Limited-Time Sale Alert

You should also consider the actions subscribers are most likely to take on each channel and adapt call to actions (CTAs) accordingly. Text messages only include one link—therefore there can only be one CTA. However, an email may contain multiple CTAs.

Finally, because email is so visual, it’s the ideal channel to share beautiful imagery promoting new product launches and seasonal collections. Meanwhile, the instantaneous nature of text messaging makes it the perfect channel to share time-sensitive updates, like limited-time offers and event invitations. To immediately catch your subscribers eye, include visuals like graphics, animated gifs, and emojis!

3. Driving more revenue with optimized campaigns

Communicating with subscribers via both email and text messaging ensures your brand stays top of mind—both over time, and across devices—making your audience more likely to convert. It means your message is guaranteed to be heard. More importantly, it presents you with the opportunity to execute powerfully nuanced, revenue-driving campaigns.

What does this look like in action? Think about a new product launch: first, leverage the immediacy of text messaging to drive instant conversions by sending a “sneak peek” text at the time of launch with a graphic and direct link to the product. Treat your follow-up email like a story: share eye-catching graphics along with the inspiration behind the product, features and benefits, and stunning photography or video content.

Text Messaging Program New Product Launch Alert

When done well, using both text messaging and email ultimately creates more engaging experiences for your audience and drives more revenue for your brand. Simply put—these two channels are better together.

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