Create a new top 3 revenue channel with the most comprehensive mobile messaging platform available
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A suite of tools to turn online browsers and buyers into mobile messaging subscribers

Quickly grow a list of subscribers on your mobile site in the most user-friendly way possible with our patent-pending “two-tap” sign-up
Large suite of enterprise tools to drive opt-ins across multiple channels including mobile web, desktop, social media, apps, and more
Build your email marketing list simultaneously with our 2-in-1 email and phone capture
Focused on compliance: We make large investments in legal and regulatory features, proven by our customers—leading global brands


Engage online customers through personalized marketing built for a mobile-first world

Convert your mobile browsers into shoppers with relevant messaging and offers
Resurrect potentially lost sales with personalized cart abandonment reminder texts
Build unmatched customer loyalty and keep shoppers coming back for more
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“We rely on Attentive as the most direct line of communication to reach our mobile-first shoppers—to let them know about new products, limited-time offers, & more.”

Sean WhiteheadDirector of Digital Product Management, Kendra Scott

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