Create a new top 3 revenue channel with the most comprehensive mobile messaging platform available

Over several years of working with 1,000+ leading brands, Attentive® has built a powerful suite of mobile messaging solutions designed to meet the needs of customers like you.


With Attentive®, brands can seamlessly grow a list of subscribers, send highly personalized messages, power two-way conversations, and measure the impact of each message.


A suite of tools to rapidly scale your subscriber list

Capture mobile messaging opt-ins across paid and unpaid channels with our powerful suite of tools, including our patent-pending “two-tap” sign-up.

Patent-pending two-tap sign-up: Drive outstanding opt-in rates in the most user-friendly way possible
Largest suite of enterprise tools: Rapidly grow subscribers across all channels including mobile web, desktop, social media, apps, and more
Build your email marketing list simultaneously with our Email First sign-up creatives
Focused on compliance: We make large investments in legal and regulatory features, proven by our customers—leading global brands


Drive clicks, conversions, and interaction with personalized mobile messages

Break through the noise to reach customers where they spend the most time on their mobile devices. Marketers who use Attentive see 30%+ click-through rates and 25x+ ROI on their mobile messaging programs.

Triggered messages: Automatically unlock new revenue with behavior-based messaging, like cart abandonment reminders, welcome drip, and post-purchase messages
Campaign messages: Compose A/B tests to understand what works best, preview images and custom links before scheduling, and send at tremendous speed with one of the largest message senders in the world
Robust segmentation: Create custom dynamic subscriber segments based on real-time data, or use our prebuilt segments established by best-practices from similar brands
e-commerce text message and dashboard
Attentive Integrations


Seamlessly sync Attentive with the rest of your technology stack

Attentive integrates with all of the other tools you’re already using, making it easy to share info in both directions, amplify all of your platforms, and centralize data.

Built to integrate: Connect directly with leading e-commerce platforms, CRM software, email service providers, customer service tools, customer data platforms, and more
Consolidated customer data: Easily merge subscriber sign-ups and engagement insights from Attentive to boost personalization in other channels
Customized for your needs: Set up developer integrations or solve for unique use cases for your business with the Attentive API


Measure, understand, and optimize the metrics that matter

Engagement rates, revenue, performance trends—it's all in our robust analytics dashboard with full visibility for your team. Create custom reports and export real-time data to refine your messaging strategy over time.

Measure your brand’s key metrics: See click-through rates, conversions, revenue, and subscriber growth—all in one place
View powerful cross-device attribution: Assess revenue impact by message, order, and subscriber
Sync with other marketing analytics platforms: Unite your performance data with Google Analytics, Omniture, and more
White-glove service: Continuously optimize your program with strategic guidance from our Client Strategy team

Ready to create a new revenue channel?