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“The performance that we see from personalized mobile messaging continues to blow us away. It’s a great complement to email, and we’re always looking for new ways to grow this channel.”

- Samantha Russell, Email Marketing Manager

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"For marketers, SMS is sort of a dream channel: to be that personal and to get that type of engagement and visibility."

- Bradley Breuer, Senior Director

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"Mobile messaging has quickly become one of our top revenue channels, and on some days, it's our highest performing one."

- Michael Engert, Head of Direct to Consumer

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“We rely on Attentive as the most direct line of communication to reach our mobile-first shoppers—to let them know about new products, limited-time offers, & more.”

- Sean Whitehead, Director of Product Management

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"This is a very engaged audience, and SMS is a very effective, direct way to connect with people. It’s the easiest thing I work on, and the most successful."

- Phillip Cruickshank, Brand Marketing Manager

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